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Film: Ace Cannon - Retro TV titles

Genre: Title sequence

Production Company: Hanover Pictures/

                                    Spiteful Puppet

Director: Paul Dudbridge

Running time: 90 seconds

Camera: GH5

A title sequence that would be used to open a new stage show called "Ace Cannon". The client wanted something along the lines of classic 80s action shows such as Airwolf, Manimal, Street Hawk, and The A-Team. 

The titles would heavily rely on visual effects to help emulate those retro TV titles from the 80s.  Massive explosions, flying spacecraft, laser beams, and stunts all looking like they have been cut together from various different episodes of the same show.


Although captured digitally and in the modern 16:9 aspect ratio, the shows from 30 years ago would have been shot on film and framed in the 4:3 square aspect ratio so this crop was also added during editing. This final touch in addition to a film stock grade also added in post-production, was all that was needed to give the show the look and feel the client was after.

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